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Founded to serve the needs of NE Wyoming's energy industry, AWC offers welding/fabrication/rebuild services and, utilizing cutting-edge alloy and application technologies, custom-engineered wear solutions for extreme service applications. Whether you need embedded carbide applied to a set of D11 track shoes, a custom bucket built, cutting edges for your scraper, or a tungsten carbide wear plate for a high-wear area in your crusher, AWC has you covered. 


AWC is located at 820 S Burma Ave in the Energy Capitol of the Nation - Gillette, WY. The Powder River Basin in which Gillette is located is home to mines such as Black Thunder and NARM, which by themselves, often produce more coal than any other state in the USA.

Advanced Wear Coatings Inc. is proud to supply parts and service for some of the largest digging machines on earth, operating right here in our community. Working with this type of equipment has given us a unique perspective on wear-related challenges driven by some of the most extreme mechanical forces known to man. We've taken that perspective and used it to overcome challenges for customers across multiple sectors of industry including mining, oil and gas, agriculture, and many more.


AWC's vision can be summed up in one word - improvement.  Our history in welding and repair has allowed us to encounter a variety of applications over a number of years, and the number one thing we have noticed in that time is waste. Wasted labor, wasted parts, wasted production....all things that adversely affect your bottom line. Our goal is to be useful to our customers in this area, providing innovative solutions that help you keep more of your money where you want it - working to grow your business instead of disappearing into your maintenance budget.

Over time AWC will evolve to accommodate the needs of our customers regardless of application or industry, but our commitment to quality, innovation and continuous improvement will remain the same. At the end of the day, the more useful we are to our customers, the more likely you are to invite us back for future projects, resulting in the best business relationship possible - a win for everyone. 

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